About Our Founder

Ann Thompson, founder of Operation Productivity and Certified Productive Environment Specialist™ of the Productive Environment Institute™, assists high achieving professionals and business owners overwhelmed by the demands of their careers and lives. Ann partners with her clients to implement streamlined process and systems to help them regain control of their time, space, and information to increase profit, productivity, and peace of mind. The ultimate goal is for clients to effectively accomplish their work AND enjoy their lives™. Ann collaborates with clients using proven methodologies to improve efficiencies resulting not only in tangible results like increased profits and productivity, but also a priceless sense of calm, peace of mind, reduced stress, and increased energy.

Ann has always had the gift of seeing a process and immediately identifying ways in which that process could be improved and completed more efficiently. Ann’s eye for process improvement led her to obtain an Industrial Engineering degree while working in a traditional corporate America setting for ten years as both a Business Process Improvement Engineer and Six Sigma Blackbelt. More recently, Ann has spent nearly twenty years as a consultant helping businesses become more efficient, streamlined, profitable, productive, and organized. Ann treats each client with dignity, respect, and without judgement. When Ann isn’t helping others achieve success, she can be found spending time with her husband of 23 years and their two amazing boys.

What People Are Saying

I can’t recommend Operation Productivity highly enough! When were we struggling to keep our heads above water, they partnered with us to implement process and systems to help us regain control. Both my home life and business life are improved since working with Operation Productivity. We have not only increased efficiencies, but we also now feel a sense of calm that we can handle everything that may come our way. And she helped me learn the very valuable skill of how to say “No” when necessary.
Jessica P.
Engineer, MI
Prior to working with Operation Productivity, I had always prided myself on how organized I was. But after completing the Productivity Scorecard, I realized that while parts of my life may be “organized,” the rest of it was a mess! The systems I learned have made my life so much easier. No more ordering duplicates because I can’t find things. No more wondering what to do with information that enters my office. A big thanks for helping me organize my office and my life!
Kathy H.
Attorney, MI