Service Offerings

Total Office Transformation™

This is a structured one-day program to set you up for success in your workspace. We will facilitate a decision-making process to eliminate the clutter in your office and create a Productive Environment™ – an intentional setting where you know what you have and how to find it within seconds. No matter what new item comes into your office, you will know exactly what to do with it so you do not end up back where you started weeks or months from now. We will establish a SYSTEM™ (Saving You Space Time Energy & Money) that you will be able to maintain long after our work together has ended. By transforming your office, you are taking the first step towards transforming your business and your life.

Productive Environment Day™

This is a structured program designed to empower entire teams to eliminate physical and digital clutter currently zapping their energy. We provide the education, tools, and techniques required to know what to keep, what to toss, what to recycle, and how to manage the rest ultimately increasing productivity, profit, and peace of mind. Many offices are full of clutter resulting in wasted time, space, energy, and money. Research shows that 80% of what we keep, we never use. This day gives you and your team the permission and the resources required to eliminate what is no longer necessary to do your jobs. Let’s get organized to lift the weight of clutter mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Peak Productivity Program

This is a customized program designed to help you organize your space, take control of your time, and master your information. We will work together to clearly define the vision for your company. We will develop an overall plan for your business in order for you to become as productive and profitable as possible as quickly as possible, while maintaining that perfect work / life balance so you can accomplish your work AND enjoy your life™. We will implement processes and systems to make all plans a sustainable part of your business. We will provide accountability and coaching during the next 4 months as you work to execute this plan and ensure you are able to sustain your success for the long run.

What Does Working Together Look Like?


Together we will create a system that allows you to organize of your space for maximum productivity.

  • Declutter & organize your physical workspace.
  • Implement a system you can maintain so your workspace reflects the quality of work you do.
  • Create a system to keep you organized so you can effectively work from anywhere you desire.
  • Create a sense of calm in your workspace.


Together we will create a system that allows you to regain control of your time so you run the day instead of the day running you.

  • Regain control of your calendar whether it be paper, digital, or combination.
  • Proactively plan out your days, weeks, months, and years.
  • Reflect on what is working and what isn’t & adjust accordingly.
  • Clearly define your vision and purpose so you know when to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No’ to opportunities.


Together we will create a system that allows you to master your information so you can focus on your most important priorities.

  • Declutter & organize your digital workspace.
  • Know what to do with every piece of new information that enters your workspace.
  • Maximize digital tools available to you including email, CRM, calendar, and other apps.
  • Implement system to regain control of your email.
Certified Productive Environment Specialist